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It’s been a long time since an official update! I am currently working on a whole new re-vamped website, but for now here’s an update of some projects I’ve been working on. First up is a Hyper-Realistic 'Walter White’ Bust from Breaking Bad, you can see more photos of him in the 'Adventure' Section. Then for a recent trade show I attempted to make a full tribute display for ‘John Carpenter’s The Thing’. Here’s a full torso of ‘MacReady’ and a 'Blair Monster' in the works… be sure to check back often, since I have more ‘Things’ in the works! You’ll find more photos of MacReady and Blair in the 'Horror' section. Next up we have a Teaser of a life-sized Chucky statue in the works, based on the final realistic Chucky at the end of 'Childs Play', here’s a silicone head for that project. There are more Chucky pics in the 'Horror' section. Since I’m so overdue for an update here’s a companion piece for the McFly piece I made years ago, a torso of 'Doc Brown' in hyper-realistic silicone! Check out the 'Adventure' section for more pics! In addition to these updates you’ll find pics of a New 'Evil Ed’ Torso from the Evil Dead along with some pictures of my silicone ‘Blair Monster’ in the 'Horror' section. That’s a few for now, stay tuned for a brand new website coming soon that will showcase some newer pieces!


Howard S. Studios, Inc. has provided commissioned sculpting services to a variety of clients since 2003. We create prototypes and production masters for garage kit producers, toy manufacturers, and producers of high-end collectibles and replicas. We also create one-of-a-kind sculptures commissioned by individual collectors. Howard S. Studios’ prototypes, masters and one-of-a-kind sculptures are the exclusive property of the client. Howard S. Studios makes no use of such sculptures without the expressed written permission of our clients. All images published on this website are the property of Howard S. Studios. Some photos depict commissioned works and, with the permission of Howard S. Studios’ clients, are published here as part of our on-line portfolio. Other images published herein are photos of original, one-of-a-kind works of art created by Howard S. Studios, Inc. Our use of all such images is permitted pursuant to The Copyright Act of 1976 and the “fair use doctrine” (17 U.S.C. § 107).

These works of art and the images showing these works of art are not intended to be, and in no way are, an infringement by Howard S. Studios of any copyright. They are not intended to be, and in no way are, an infringement by Howard S. Studios of copyright laws.

No use of these images is permitted without the expressed written permission of Howard S. Studios, Inc.

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